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Zephyrus Aeroject™

Protecting clinicians from needlestick injuries, enhancing the patient experience, reducing costs and dead space

Zephyrus Innovations is a privately-owned medical device company designing and manufacturing safety syringes and Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs) that deliver medication effectively while protecting clinicians from harmful drug exposure and needlestick injuries which can lead to infection with bloodborne pathogens and serious disease.

Our team is committed to improving healthcare safety and enhancing patient experience through technological innovation.


  • A recognized hazard in the healthcare sector
  • The potential to transmit more than 20 infectious diseases including blood-borne viruses that can have a serious impact on health (HSE, 2007)
  • Serious health threat to healthcare workers
  • Serious financial implications

What the World Health Organization (WHO) says about embedded needle retractors

Syringes with embedded needle contraction are a critical element in the fight against communicable diseases. The World Health Organization has urged a transition to the exclusive use of syringes with needle retraction, defined as Smart Syringes. Zephyrus Aeroject™ technology is a major step forward in Smart Syringe development and uptake.

Contaminated syringe needles

The potential to transmit over 20 infectious diseases

Injuries involving contamination of sharps are a recognised hazard within the healthcare sector and needlestick injuries are not just stressful but potentially deadly. Injuries to healthcare workers from contaminated sharps have the potential to transmit more than 20 infectious diseases including blood borne viruses that can have a serious impact on health (HSE, 2007). There is also a significant cost to health sector employers, including lost time (for post incident investigation, treatment etc) and cost of prophylaxis. In addition, without the use of CSTDs, clinicians are regularly exposed to microdoses of hazardous therapeutics which can have serious long-term health consequences.